Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hi All.

I have sent invitations to several of the clergy to join me in posting on this site. I will try to include all clergy in that invitation as I have time to make the entries to get it done. Meantime if you especially have something you want to post let me know so I can prioritize your invitation. It's a somewhat awkward way of doing things but there it is.
Thanks to Sarah and the folks at St. Peter's, LaGrande for a great day and a really well handled Consecration Sunday. Check with Sarah if you are interested in how they went about it. The catered meal was great too.


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Damascus said...

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the Diocesan approach to renewing "Safeguarding God's Children" on-line. It is easy to use, inoformative and better than traveling, and forced time-frames. I hope this is a precursor to a 20th century info/participation approach for this diocese.
I also offer the following website video that is indicative of how and what the church will face in both developing the necessary communicative tools and the theolological value structures/framework to get the "word" out. In the beginning was the word. but the word became the light, and now the light travels through fiber to hopefully become the real word to the people.
A new Damascus journey.